East Carolina Radio, 96.7 The Coast, and Wild Horse Adventure Tours are honored to partner with the Corolla Wild Horse Fund for their Fall Fundraiser. With their facilities closed to the public and events for the time being cancelled, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund looks to find innovative new ways to endure in these difficult times.
Their fall fundraiser just happens to be a song. “Castaño” captures the spirit and the significance of the Corolla wild horses. This amazing song is the inspiration for this fundraiser.
The song, video, and lyrics are available as a download for $5 on the Corolla Wild Horse Fund’s website. You can click through to CWHF from here.
Supporters will be given an opportunity to donate more if they wish. Your donation will help them continue their crucial work. 
Working together with the Corolla Wild Horse Fund and Wild Horse Adventure Tours, we hope to meet the goal of raising $20,000 to assist the Corolla Wild Horse Fund. Thank you for your support! 


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