The new documentary film about the life of Lance Armstrong will air on ESPN this weekend. Described as the “kid from Texas who became an American superhero, having survived a near-death battle with cancer to win the Tour de France seven straight times from 1999 to 2005”, Armstrong is also an American villain, who was disgraced and exposed as a cheater, liar and bully – aided and abetted by performance-enhancing drugs and friends in high places. The film also details his heroic role among cancer survivors and his work at Livestrong, the charity he built to help them before his ouster from it amid scandal.

Armstrong, now 48, has said he had no editorial control over the film and apparently was not pleased with it after viewing it in December. A version of the film that is edited for language also will air simultaneously on ESPN2. The 

Part one airs at 9 p.m. ET on Sunday, followed by part two at the same time on May 31.

The rise and fall of Lance Armstrong: What you need to know before watching ‘LANCE’


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